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judgment call?

Right all....
Official math test score: 38 percent....boooooo!!!
I'm seriously not liking the way this class is shaping up. This stuff just isn't me. It's been two hours and ten mins later, and I'm still going...what the hell? An hour of tutoring and an hour and fifteen minute class which let out five minutes early. My brain is seriously dead right now. And, Guess what all? I have yet another tutoring session tomorrow, at my request...I am seriously going to scream with pent up frustration if this next test is as bad as the score listed above...seriously, and aerdran I may not be exaggerating when I say you'll be able to hear me...spiritually if not fisically.
Now for the subject line which has to do with some of the stuff that went on with my dad mainly over this past weekend.
First, we were driving down one of the main roads, and he locks the doors of the car and starts laughing....I find out why a moment later when he said that a black man with more gold jewelry on than you could shake a stick at got out of a car and walked over to another one. Dad said he didn't know what was going one, but he locked the doors and that's what he was laughing about.
Dad apparently doesn't like loud music because he got out of the car while mom and I were in the bizzarre on Saturday and got on some guys in a truck about it. He says that it wouldn't have been so bad, but he had his ear buds up loud and he could hear it over them "I'm sure everyone in the stor next to them could hear it, too." And, how, my dear father, do you know that?
I don't know what will happen if I decide to date outside my race, I could tell you something else my dad did after he found out a little something about my sister-in-law, but I just won't go there.
I'm not sure how he he feels about Latinos, I've never asked...but if I happen to fall in love with someone outside that race or my own, I am seriously scared. My mom I don't think would mind, she might be a little critical, it's my dad I am seriously concerned about, not that that would stop me from pursuing a relationship with that person, but it just is so frustrating to know that I am living with someone who has an underlying race issue.
I'm beginning to think more and more that I will go insane if I have to spend another summer there...that is if I can't find some things to do where I can do them myself and not have the parents drive me. Mom will be home in the summer, but Dad had better have a job by then or serious financial problems will no doubt arise, and little miss me will be the unwilling witness to the nastiness that will follow those issues. I'm beginning to think I am rambling a bit, so I will stop for the time being and find something else to do. I seriously hope all those who are having problems with MSN can fix them rapidly. I miss seeing he names. LOL Take care all and be safe.
Love, light and laughter,
The Phoenix
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