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Hello all,

I'm going...damn it all!! I totally forgot to get pics while I was home...I just hope mom can e-mail me some. I didn't get to go to flea markets today because of the traffic. Mom and Dad said that the trafafic was backed up to get into both Flea Masters and the flea market at Ortez. Apparently they were parking people in fields and things and they were commenting haow they had never seen it so bad. I did manage to get him to take me to a Bizzarre which is sort of like an indoor flea sells more than just the usual crafts though. I got an Agitha Christy book and mom got a Maire Brennan CD which was one I already have. Also as of tomorrow, little miss Florida phoenix will no longer have long hair. Locks of love needs it more than she does, lol
I'm having ten inches cut off which will make my hair significantely shorter. This is the second time I have done this and it always makes me feel good. I'll probably rant again tomorrow...but right now I'm running on autopilot my body wants sleep and since I need to get up for a nice early board run tomorrow I had better take my body's advice and hit the covers. Good night all.

The Phoenix
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