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question for texchs...

Hello all,

I have a quick question for all you tech people
Where can you find the scripts for win mx? I'm hearing JFW lite, but I just want to be sure that's where i can go...
Dad is thinking about going to some flea markets today, or at least that's what mom has said...but we'll see, I heard him making coffee, so I know he's awake, but Mom's not home from church yet and by the time we leave it'll be about eleven or so. writers will go screming pleasures on this the eight years I've been working on Forestchild...I have managed to stretch it to 47743 words....woooooooot!!!!! It has to be at least 103 pages or so...not the length of a full novel, but damn it, it's getting there!!!!
Now off to read some e-mails, or at least the ones I'm choosing to resieve. I've cut out the group ones for the weekend because I don't feel like reading all of them right
Until later all, keep safe.

The Phoenix
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