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yea go me!!!

perfect all day board run!!!!!! OK...near perfect, but at least I didn't freak out. The nine o'clock break had a little bit of dead air because I didn't know what booth the reader was in, but since there weren't signs outside the booths, it really wasn't anyone's fault. He did try to tell me by location where he was, but closer to Glenn's office didn't really help me any. I did manage to get him on air without panicking, though, so I consider it perfect for that reason. Other than that and being a little bit late for the twelve o'clock break because I was selfish and wanted a dessert I liked, the day was absolutely fabulously wonderfully brilliant!!! I am also flying high on excitement because I added three more pages to my current eight year old book I am writing...yayayayaynessnessness!!! Sorry sighted people, screen reader only wierdness there.
I needed this after

yesterday was long due to the following events
* finish paper after waking up at six AM
* finding article for chemestry class and e-mailing it to professor
* chemestry class itself from eight to ten forty-five
* start on math test from eleven to twelve twenty-five
* American literature class from twelve thirty to three fifteen with a ten minute break in which I ran to get pasta since I hadn't eaten all day
* review session for Monday's anthropology test from three thirty to four thirty
* finish math test from four forty-five to five forty-five
By this time I'm hungry again, I have a massive headache from the hunger, I'm tired as hell...not to mention my brain is full of anthro stuff...I'm drained due to the tiredness due to afore mentioned circumstances... and I seriously want to scream from it all.
I try to get this math stuff, but no matter how hard I do try my mind can't seem to rap itself around even the simplest of radicle and pemdas problems....arg!!!I had to have a little bit of nudging from certain persons in order to find out that 2(-4)��3(-2)� was 20...I may have written that wrong, but the answer was twenty, so...yeah. I'm seriously scared about the harder stuff. Math is seriously becoming hell for me. I don't like the fact that it is, I seriously would like to enjoy math, but at the moment that is just not happening. I didn't do as well as I would have liked on this test and on the last test I got a 55. It didn't help that my tutor was sick and that my PAC Mate was charging last Thursdeay and that the Braille lite being taken as a back up didn't even enter my head. I did try to think through the headache, but it wasn't working too well. It's one thing to do this stuff when your fresh, it's something else entirlely when you're not...and you just want to snap at your scribe. I didn't of course, but it's a good thing I can control my temper better, otherwise the other man in the room would have been feeling it. As it was he was nice enough to help me with some of a bonus question and he gave me a piece of pizza before I ran off to the eagle to seriously stuff my face. I do like the teacher, he is doing all he can to help me. I think maybe if I would have had a teacher like that in middle school I wouldn't be so set on disliking nath. I am also very upset with ISB (Indiana School for the Blind) for not giving me algebra in high school. I seriously don't think I would be this scared of math had I had it in high school...math is scary and I am not liking it at the moment. Even last semester was scary...ask Lia, she should know. I called her once last semester and she could help me only to some extent because she wasn't physically tutoring just doesn't work with massive factorization equations and quadratic foil stuff.
Anyway I digress. After the math test I went to eat again and a friend of mine stopped in to eat with me, which was cool. If I hadn't have been in there early, she wouldn't have found me, so that was one good thing in the long day. She and I talked on the way to her class and then I went home.
I didn't want to crash yet ,so I called Doreen and went online for a few. After that, I did crash, but I really didn't feel rested when I got up this morning. However, above events and a nice warm cup of coffee, fixed that small inconvenience.

I doubt I will post again before I go home, but we shall see. I'm beginning to think that getting out of a phone list I was on is a very good idea since someone on there seems rather snobbish and the traffic there was just too damn much for a college student to be handling. Especially since this student also handles about sixty some e-mails a day...give or take some. I'm about to cut that down as well by going No-mail on a few lists. Not the one I moderate of course...just a few others that are a little more high traffic than I would like them to be at the moment.
Now off to pack...oh wait I already did that...I guess I should clean, but I seriously don't feel in the mood to do so, so I guess I'll listen to some music....joanne Shenandoah.....nice and relaxing....that will do.

The Phoenix.
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