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OK alls,
This is gunna be another long one, sorry.

First of all yesterday I went to labambas and had this crazy ass experience.

I have two classes with an hour and a half break between them, so for that break we went to Labanba's. Me my friends Jennifer and Kim.
We had order drinks, Two beers, one for Jen and one for me, and my friend Kim got a lemmonade. I got the Quesadlla, Jen got nachos and Kim got a chicken and steak taco combo. For dessert I got flan....yummmy!!!!!! I love it!!!!! Jen and Kim got a fried ice cream.

Right well Kim told Jen that this guy at the next table was staring us down. They said the thought he was drunk. That apparently was confirmed when he got up and walked over to our table....sighted people have such an advantage offense meant. He came over and asked what we needed. I thought he was a waiter and was trying to tell him in Spanish thatwe needed more napkins. Jen told me that he didn't work thee. Oooh...LOL He then told Jen she was beautiful and, according to Kim, blew her a kiss. He told me to that I was beautiful he said that he wanted to marry us. Kim told him that all of us were married, all of us were taken. They proceeded to shew him off which worked. Right so we order the desserts and ask for the check. The girl said that we didn't owe anything that the guy paid for it all. Desert and all. We were like in shock. So we asked the waiter....the other person who was serving us, the person I thought the guy was, LOL and he confirmed it. The two girls felt bad because they were so mean to him. Jen asked if the guy had tipped him, and the waiter said no, so we gave him a ten dollar tip! But man eating for ten dollars!!! And their food is awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!

Anyway in otherI'm going home tomorrow morning at about ten. I'll probably get up early so I can spend at least a little bit of time online with some people before I go. Then it's spring break and my birthday!!!! I really can't wait!!!!
Anyway I just wanted to put this in here before I left. I'll probably post something else, but right now I just am not in the mood to do much else except for vedge. It's Friday....what's new there?

The Phoenix
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