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I am extremely tired even after taking a nap and I have a headache that won't quit....even after taking a nap.
I know focusing on it gives it more energy...but at the moment it won't let me do anything else. I was able to writ one and a half pages for my two page paper and maybe, jjust maybe if I call someone and talk for about a half hour It'll go away and I can write the other half a page. I'm beginning to wonder, despite my best efforts, why I wait until the last minut on all papers that are two pages or less. It seems as if no mater whatI do, I can't seem to make myself write them out until the night before the class that they are due in. Luckily this is the only class that papers are due in at the moment. I'm hoping it stays that way, but we'll see.At least it's only two pages and no longer and I had an idea of what I wanted to write on before I started the paper....OK now the headache is receeding, it did that too while I was doing the paper...this is weird.
Tomorrow is my last day of classes and then I get to go home. Glenn said that we aren't doing the bike trip because he and I were the only ones going and that he also had a family emergency that was taking him out of town. He told me what it was, but I am not going to mention it here. SO now I get to go home this weekend so I can do laundry. I will try to post, but I am not promising much. to call someone and spend about half an hour to an hour on the phone...then to finish and polish the paper.

The Phoenix
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