The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

rathe productive day

It's been rather a productive morning....and rather an enjoyable sunday. Two hours online this morning, two literature pieces read and three skype convos later...
Now it's off to see whether Wiyan will call me. She said she would, so we'll be speaking with her later if she doesn't. I'm having problems finding "Turned" by Sharlotte Perkins Gilman on the internet, and that is going to be a bitch because that needs read by Thursday. I also have another reading response due that day which I will probably start either tonight or tomorrow depending on my mood. I feel like writing, but right now none of my stories are crying for attention, so I just decided to write in here. I guess I'm becoming a journal Anyway until the next time I write. Stay safe.

The Phoenix
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