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Not going home good?

Hello all,

I decided not to go home this weekend because I wanted to stay here and do some studying in peace and quiet...not happening so far, however. I did try, though....really I did!

yesterday wias rather interesting however because they were having Eagle Extravaganza where there was free ofood and a DJ from the local hiphop and R&B station spinning tunes. Throughout the day I had a total of three cokes and three hotdogs. I also die a bungy run and an obstical course...lone right after the other which was not a good idea as for the next five minutes I was suffering form miled oxygen deprivation...I seriously thought I was going to get sick right there. Luckily it wasn't anything too serious, just a pout of ringing ears and lightheaded diziness feelings which I was sitting down for, so it was OK. It was kind of scary, but ya know? I guess I'm more out of shape than I thought I was.
So then I talk to the dj....and she hasn't heard of Musiq Soul of course I had to educate the woman, LOL I brought one of my CD's over for her to play and she was real nice and played one for me. So then I went back up after the show and I got to talk to her about some things, like what equipment she used and stuff like that. We talked about what I was doing in school and she asked about my degree and I told her about running the board at the radio reading service. She was turning twenty-three so I sang happy birthday for her and I got a hug off I try to get off everybody I meet, LOL...she uses Pioneer J100's anda Pioneer M1600 for the mixer....gunna have to look at accessibility stuff. LOL Anyway It's nice to know what kind of stuff that's floating around since this is something I want to do so badly. So....perhaps not going home wasn't so bad after all. Besides since I'm going out next weekend, I just decided that staying put was a good idea for once. Not a bad notion since I was the only one here until yesterday when the room mates came in at three o'clock and lauughed so loud that it woke me up. Tnen it's at six thirteen when my body decides to wake completely up and get me out of bed to pay nature a So now that I'm up, I might as well enjoy company on the computer and think about getting some work about are the operatives here.

The Phoenix
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