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update once again....I swear this is not my usual...or maybe it is depending on my mood...

John Legend/Alecia Keys=everybody's dream concert
Guess what? rnb_capricorn is going!!! It's in Chi town peeps...Chicago...which was an hour and a half or four and a half hours, depending on location, from where I grew up....She's excited, and so am I. Her parents are taking her. Seeing as she is like mi in the sight department, this is no easy thing. She can't drive, so her parents are obligating themselves on the second of April to take her. The only difference between her and me is that she has light perception and I don't. Jon L and Alicia K....damn she's lucky!!!! There are some on here who may not like them all that much...but damn they can both play.....and I mean they can play!!! and as piano music as one of my interests...well there we go. Alicia can also sing....sing on girl!!! Ah well I'm happy for her, and I know I'll hear all about it from her end, so there we go. Yea for Chicago!!!!!

The Phoenix
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