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Turtles, turtles, turtles!!!

A student in my organic chemestry class brought some turtles to class. They weren't very big and she wanted to drop them in one of the lakes here. After realising that the teacher couldn't makk them withougtpossible damage, he said to drop them in the lake right outside the building we have class in. Whitiker lake. I asked her if I could go with her to drop them off and she said I could. I didn't exactly get to drop them in the water, but I did sit on the ground in order to hear her drop them in. It felt good to at least say I was close to an animal drop off point. I am always excited when I can do that sort of thing. This was especially exciting for me since this was the first time I was anywhere near a drop off point.

Also yesterday something interesting happened.
I ad jjust gotten done working at the priadcasting building and I was heading down the sidewalk to the bridge. Soneone, a girl, asked me if I was going on the bridge or if I was passing it. I ansswered her pustion by turning right onto the bridge.
I asked here where the bridge would take me and she said that straight out would be AB3. So she and I walkded there and I had to use the bathroom, and since the down stairs ones were closed for some reasin, she lead me to the upstairs ones. In the course of this I found out that here name was Kenya. I just about spilled the beans on my story to her...but I didn't. I had a thrill of excitement, though.
If anyone iscompletely story that I have been working for eight years has a character by the name of Kednya in it, not surprising that she is ne main one. I'm beginning to won eder if things are falling into plce for something bigger, or what...It seems that a lot of things are coming up that are reminding me of different people. The turtles that remided me of Patsy as she is turtle clan, Keny that reminded me of my story and other things that I won't place here...this semester being easier than the last insuring me that all is not lost here as I was beginning to think...
Maybe I am reading too much in to all of this, but I just have this gut feeling that something big is coming and itn's not going to affect just me.
Until next time all.

The Phoenix
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