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update before class

Hey all,

First of all, Taariel, thanks for the comment. People have been giving me the same advice. Better start listening I guess, LOL. Anyway I was talking to one of my class mates and she was putting a whole new spin on it for me. She was telling me that I should go up to all my teachers and talk to them about it and stuff...appologize to them for some of the stuff and them tell them what the deal was with me missing some of hte cues that sighted people get. She expressed her anger at the indirectness of the communication as well. I think that's really what upset me the most. Not the stuff...just the way they went about it. All through my councilor and none through me. One of the reasons I maybe felt dumped on? Anyway she said to turn it into a learning tool...which by the way this whole thing has been, maybe I'm not learning as quickly as I would've thought, but there we are.
I also think that a lot of this stuff was stuff I was doing at the beginning of the semester, like talking out of turn and stuff and since she is not there and neither is my DC they don't see a lot of the changes throughout the semester I am and have been making.
Anyway I am feeling a lot more in control of things than I was last night and I'm just about ready to head for the next class, but I thought I'd give a quick update. LOL A little bit turbulant, here, but It'll all turn out right. I'm still hoping to get my music in order before the end of this semester. LOL My good friends, this journal and music are the things that have really kept me from blowing my lid.

The Phoenix: who's feeling the stress before Spring break! and....loving the learning experiences in and outside of classes!!!
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