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It's damn cold out there!!!

OK some of you are going to tell me to shut the fuck up...but before you do, let me tell you why I'm complaining. I'm used to it warming up by the time I get out of the brodcast building so I dressed in"
a t-shirt that has three shells on it and says "Sanibel Island"
Shorts that come to mid thigh
I went out thinking nothing of it since it usually does warm up before I leave the building....leaving I step out and the wind hits's damn cold!!!! I think it's only like fifty five or something.....or something.
Anyway today was pretty good behind the boards. The only thing I didn't do was check one of the cue so the reader and an ID went on simultaneously, but at least I didn't freak out like I did before...two deep breaths later, and all was well. He is also still giving me suggestions on how to do to not take stats if I can at all help it. He's making the class out to be some evil monster. He says and I quote "The harder you work, the luckier you are." He tels me to remember that. He is also telling me to do everything three times...check everything three times....three fold law at its best? Three, three, three.....three? No wonder it takes him so long to do things....I'm sitting here going...what the hell?
Suggestion....take another remedial algebra class during the he crazy? I'm thinking about not. Even if it's not for credit, it goes on the GPA, he says that since I got a b out of the last one, I'll be more sure of it the next time around and do better. Which is true....but why would I want to put myself through that torture again? I'd rather take the clast and get it over with than go through that was hard enough the first time, thank you. Sorry for those who think math is cool...I just wasn't blessed in the numbers department. off to vedge and do absolutely nothing...I love Fridays!!!!

The Phoenix
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