The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix

I had class today, and I feel like screaming! My professor gave
about 3 or 4 exercises due Wednesday, and I haven't even
started my web assignment. My homework is page 69 questions on
intro, page 711-7 exercise A and But and page 74 But,
questioned on a conversation that I have to listen to. The web assignment consists of three sections, two of which you have a lot of reading for. I have spent most of the day at the hospital, but thankfully my cousin has volunteered to take
my back to Aunt Nancy's house where I can sleep! I have been
running on two and three hours for the past three days. After
the doctor came, they didn't learn too much more. Although while
I was there we watched a video on his procedure and what it
entailed. After taking a nap I went home very didn't fall
asleep again until after midnight.
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