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Head aches suck!!!!

My head is absolutely's pounding, and I am sitting in my math class being a whiny bitch....dam it, I want to go home!
Me: I was here, Can I go home now?
Professor: No.
Damn it!!!!
I can't concentrate worth anything and this is the stuff I need help with. Algebraic stuff makes me scream and doing it without a Braille writer and on a single Braille bar makes it virtually necessary to scream with frustration...and thinking through the pain is making it worse....thinking at all hurts right now...I'm nearly in tears. I've never had a head ache this bad in years. It almost reminds me of the days after my back surgery and the days in senior year when I was coming off of vicadin and pretnazone respectively...pretnazone made me dead and vicadin...well, let's just say I'm glad I got off that when I did...withdrawal head aches are a bitch, and becoming addicted to either would not have been fun...not fun at all. It's too bad pretnazone made me the no sleep queen. LOL Of course to those who use them...use them wisely. Vicadin sort of knocked me out...and pretnazone made me hyper as hell...two meds, one taken about two years after the other.
I'm hoping this class ends soon so that I can post yet again....yet again. Updates every day is a regular occurrance, sometimes several a day is a regular occurrance it depends on the week and my mood.
Yea....class is over, now I can go means headache will discipate...hopefully.

Untill I write again...

The Phoenix
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