The Phoenix (thepheenixeyri) wrote,
The Phoenix


First off, I want the entire world to know that Kimberly Locke rules, rules, rules, rules!!!!^_^
I'm bored as hell, too. I got out of class early because my professor had an emergency which placed her mother in the hospital and apparently it's been pretty bad for the last couple of days. So I come hoe early...and I don't have anywhere to go for a goodly amount of time. I would take a nap, but if I do that, I'll wake up more irritable and more tired than before the nap, so that won't work.
I'm going to head for the bike tryp on sanibel on the twelth, only problem is, I still don't have a partner. My entire crew of people which includes my three room mates there two boyfriends, Seth and Gina, plus Jason and Jenka if they choose to go, are going to a party of someone who is turning twenty-one. Frankly, I'm glad I'm not going. I like to drink....but with my particular disability, challenge, or whatevery you choose to call it, drinking to the point of disorientation is never a good thing. Not that i haven't done it mind, just I would prefer to do it where I know it's safe and where I know I won't get caught.
In any case, I suppose I should go for now and I'll write more later.

The Phoenix
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