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I got a lot of stuff done today, none of which have to do remotely with school....wooot!!!
I found my hemotite stone right were I left it last night. There was a class in there when I went looking, so I had to wait for a time when the teacher wouldn't get mad at me for interupting her. They were watching a movie on the coralrief distruction which I found quite interesting from whatI could hear from outside the door. I am extremely pleased to have it back yea!!!!
I also walked around with a campus tour that was going on and had lunch at the perch. I came home...and vedged. I'm going to see if Latricia can't teach me a new routetoday, especially since I am more than likely coming back here next semester...thank the stars.
One of my room mates was also curious about my Braille Lite and asked me about awesome!! I love telling people about how I do things...smiles. We also talked about other things...somewhat personal.
Quizzes are sooo much fun!!! Look for more later. I think quizzes have become my new favorite things...and chambermusic I feel for you right now...I've also lost someone this semester, maybe not someone as close as a child friend...but...I know what it's like

The Phoenix.
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